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4 Great Shelving Options for Your Storage Unit


At Monticello Storage, we prioritize offering tailored recommendations to ensure you select the perfect shelves for your storage unit. With a commitment to meeting your specific needs, we consider factors such as the size of your unit, the types of items you plan to store, and your budget constraints. Whether you require heavy-duty shelving for industrial equipment or compact solutions for personal belongings, our team guides you toward the ideal option. 

By understanding your requirements thoroughly, we aim to provide expert advice that maximizes efficiency and organization within your storage space—Trust Monticello Storage to help you make informed decisions and optimize your storage experience. 

Here are our top four recommendations for shelving units tailored to suit your storage needs. Each recommendation is carefully selected to offer optimal organization, durability, and versatility, ensuring you find the perfect solution for maximizing space and efficiency in your unit.

4-Tier Industrial Duty Steel Freestanding Garage Storage Shelving Unit in Black

Brand: Husky


  • Dimension: 77 in. W x 78 in. H x 24 in. D
  • Weight Capacity: 2500lbs
  • Adjustable Shelves: Shelves adjust in 1-1/2 in. increments to fit any storage needs.
  • Environmentally Conscious: The shelves are made from recycled material
  • NSF-certified: The NSF certification allows for dry food storage.

The “4-Tier Industrial Duty Steel Freestanding Garage Storage Shelving Unit in Black” by Husky is an optimal choice for storing heavier items in a storage unit due to its robust construction and efficient design. Its industrial-grade steel framework ensures exceptional durability and strength, capable of withstanding substantial weight loads without buckling or warping. 

The boltless design of this shelving unit facilitates quick and hassle-free assembly, requiring no additional tools for setup. With its innovative construction, users can effortlessly snap the shelves into place, saving time and effort during installation.

The four-tier configuration provides ample space for organizing and storing heavier items such as power tools, automotive parts, or machinery components. Its freestanding nature allows for easy setup and repositioning within the storage unit, providing flexibility in storage arrangement. The black finish adds a sleek and professional look for commercial and personal storage needs. 

With this shelving unit, individuals can confidently store their heavier items, knowing they are securely supported and readily accessible whenever needed, optimizing space and organization within the storage unit.

Commercial Gray 7-Tier NSF 22-Bin Rack Storage System

Brand: Seville Classics


  • Dimension: 14 in. D x 36 in. W x 56 in. H
  • Weight Capacity: 500lbs
  • Includes: 12 medium bins (5.5 in. W x 14 in. D x 5.5 in. H), six large bins (10.5 in. W x 14 in. D x 7 in. H), four x-large bins (16 in. W x 14 in. D x 7 in. H) and bin labels and a set of 3 in. black wheels (2 locking).
  • NSF-certified: Approved for commercial use.
  • Locking Bins: Bins slide out and lock for ease of use and safety.
  • Easy assembly: Easy assembly with no tools required.

The “Commercial Gray 7-Tier NSF 22-Bin Rack Storage System” is indispensable for individuals or businesses seeking efficient organization and mobility for their small parts and tools in their storage unit. Users can easily categorize and access items with labeled bins, including 12 medium, 6 large, and 4 extra-large bins.

The labeled bins of the storage system provide a systematic way to organize nuts, bolts, screws, and other hardware components, making it effortless to locate specific items at a glance. This streamlined identification process saves valuable time, enhancing efficiency during tasks or projects where quick access to small parts is crucial.

Adding wheels to the rack system facilitates seamless mobility, enabling users to move it between various work areas or storage locations. This feature ensures convenience and adaptability, allowing for easy repositioning and access to stored items in any environment.

6-Tier Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Steel Wire Shelving Unit in Chrome 

Brand: HDX


  • Dimension: 48 in. wide x 24 in. deep x 72 
  • Weight Capacity: 5100 lbs.
  • Adjustable Shelves: Shelves have a 1 in. (25 mm) shelf height adjustment.
  • Adjustable legs: Adjustable legs allow for leveling on uneven floors.
  • Easy Assembly: The shelves slide on top of clips that keep them in place, allowing you to adjust the height.
  • NSF-certified: The NSF certification allows for dry food storage.

The “6-Tier Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Steel Wire Shelving Unit in Chrome” by HDX is a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking shelving options for personal storage units.

Despite its affordability, this shelving unit keeps its quality and durability high. Constructed from heavy-duty steel wire and finished in chrome, it offers robust support for storing various items securely. 

Its six-tier design provides ample space for organizing personal belongings such as household items, boxes, or seasonal gear, maximizing storage efficiency without breaking the bank. Ideal for personal storage units, this shelving unit offers a budget-friendly way to enhance organization and optimize space.

Yellow 4-Tier Steel Garage Storage Shelving Unit

Brand: Dewalt


  • Dimensions: 50 in. W x 94 in. H x 18 in. D
  • Weight Capacity: 6000 lbs.
  • Storage Drawer: Measuring 6″ tall x 42″ wide x 16.5″ deep, the drawer has ball-bearing slides and a 120-pound capacity.
  • Steel Pegboard: Steel pegboard panels mount between uprights or on vertical supports and feature 1-inch center spacing.
  • Cord minder: The cord minder conveniently stores extension cords with rotating end stops for easy removal.
  • Locking pins: These secure crossbeams and upright-mounted accessories require no installation tools.

The “Yellow 4-Tier Steel Garage Storage Shelving Unit” is an excellent choice for individuals seeking efficient storage solutions for tools in their storage unit. With its sturdy steel construction and vibrant yellow finish, it not only provides durability but also adds a pop of color to any storage unit. 

The steel pegboard panel is designed for easy mounting between uprights or on vertical supports, providing versatility in installation. The shelving unit includes six pegboard tool hangers to store the tools you need within easy reach. With 1-inch on-center spacing, it offers ample room for organizing tools and accessories efficiently, making it a convenient and customizable storage solution for various environments.

The storage drawer, measuring 6 inches tall by 42 inches wide by 16.5 inches deep, offers ample space for organizing a wide range of items. Equipped with ball-bearing slides and boasting a 120-pound capacity, it ensures smooth operation and reliable support for heavy loads, making it an ideal addition to any storage system.

The four-tier design offers ample space for organizing various tools, from hand tools to power tools, ensuring easy accessibility and efficient storage. Whether it’s wrenches, screwdrivers, or power drills, this shelving unit offers a convenient and practical way to keep tools organized and within reach, making it a must-have for anyone looking to streamline their garage or workspace.

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